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See it, achieve it: Visualization and Mental Imagery

OCTOBER 19, 2015
Success secrets gold medalists

Visualization and mental imagery are highly effective mental training practices used by elite athletes to prepare for competition. They involve picturing your performance in your mind without the physical experience of actually doing it. Here is Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps explaining how visualization has helped him prepare:

“Before the (Olympic) trials I was doing a lot of relaxing ...

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Learn to Refocus: Trigger Words

JULY 27, 2014
Rory mcilroy wins 2014 british open

Last Sunday, Irish golfer Rory McIlroy won the British Open - one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. His play was nothing short of spectacular. Rory led the tournament from start to finish, at one point holding a seven shot lead over the field.

Following the tournament, McIlroy credited his mental preparation as a critical factor in his success. He talked about the use of trig...

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JULY 9, 2014
Lake banff

In this section of my website, you can read my blog posts on mental performance training.

I will discuss how mental training is currently being used by professional and amateur athletes. I will also explain how you can use mental training strategies to improve your performance.

I will do my best to present this information in a format that you will find engaging and useful. Your feedback is app...

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